Divorce For Couples Of High Net Worth

Couples in possession of valuable assets have, of course, a great many concerns when entering divorce proceedings. Many individuals want to know how to protect their interests — whether it’s a business, an investment portfolio or long-held real estate.

Indeed, divorces between individuals of high net worth can quickly become rancorous as spouses vie over who gets what. But in many cases, bitter disagreements can be avoided. If both parties enter divorce understanding how the process works and what’s at stake, it often happens that spouses will work together toward resolution.

We can help. The legal team at Hartley Law Office, LLC, has provided qualified guidance to numerous couples in Dayton and throughout Montgomery County with divorce proceedings. We take care to listen to our clients and understand their priorities and legal goals and then develop a pragmatic, effective plan to attain them.

Fighting With Your Spouse Will Only Line Your Lawyer’s Pockets

The examples of disaster are many. The longer a divorce goes on, the more expensive it becomes — simply put, the legal fees add up. Frequently, the value of an estate is dramatically reduced because couples refuse to come to terms.

Our aim is to help our clients avoid such scenarios. We offer experienced counsel for issues at the intersection of divorce and finance, including:

The process of divorce can make individuals emotionally volatile. But it’s important — incredibly so — not to act rashly. Finding the right legal counsel is key.

Assistance At Every Step

To learn more about how we can help, reach out to our firm. You can call us at (937) 684-9271 or schedule a consultation online. We’re prepared to answer your questions and address your concerns.


Essential Information On Divorce

Client Testimonials

“High energy and very knowledgeable. Mr. Hartley kept me informed and up tp to date with what was going on with my case. I highly recommend Mr. Hartley if you want to win your case.”

– DeHa Hambrick

“Mr. Hartley did a phenomenal job in helping me with my dissolution. He explained the process every step of the way and made it easy for me. I would HIGHLY recommend Hartley Law Office to anyone.”

– Reuben Jones

“Mr. Hartley did an excellent job of representing me. He listened to exactly what I wanted, and did his best to act in my best interest, and the interests of my children.”

– Samuel Hergenrather

“If you are looking for an attorney who pours his heart and soul into your divorce case, call Aaron P. Hartley.”

– Sherry Warnock

“If your looking for a shark to get you through your divorce, custody battle or what ever it may be then looking no farther because Mr.Hartley is the man for the job.”

– Isaac Combs

“Hartley law office gets 5 stars from me. They handled my case in a timely manner, and got me my refund from the initial retainer fee within a week!!!”

– Jordan Wright

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