The Guidance You Need To Make Smart Divorce Decisions

A divorce will affect every aspect of one’s life. One’s closest relationships undergo dramatic change. One’s financial security may be jeopardized. The future — once so carefully planned for — becomes much less certain.

It is also a time when acting rashly can have devastating consequences. A decision made in the heat of the moment can last for a lifetime. A wrong step can prevent parents from spending meaningful time with their children or make it difficult to remain financially independent.

This is why attorney Aaron Hartley at Hartley Law Office, LLC, has dedicated his practice to providing qualified, experienced legal guidance to individuals going through divorce. Based in Dayton and serving clients throughout Montgomery County, we have a thorough understanding of Ohio’s divorce laws. And we know how to assert our clients’ interests and protect their rights.

Understanding Divorce Options And Alternatives In Ohio

At times, divorcing parties can resolve their differences amicably. In other situations, conflicts become prolonged, unhealthy and ultimately indefensible.

In Ohio, divorce is categorized into several areas, such as:

  • Fault-based divorce, in which one party files for divorce and alleges fault on the part of the other based on certain grounds. These include adultery, habitual drunkenness, abandonment and extreme cruelty, just to name a few.
  • No-fault divorce, generally wherein the spouses cite incompatibility with one another but allege no other fault on the part of either spouse. Another no-fault ground is living separate and apart for one year without interruption and without cohabitation.
  • Uncontested divorce, where both parties allege no fault and are able to finalize a harmonious agreement without direction from the court (or a situation where fault exists, but one party fails to respond to the complaint). When both spouses file together and agree on all terms, prior to filing, Ohio technically considers this a dissolution of marriage rather than a divorce.
  • Contested divorce, in which both parties come to an impasse regarding certain issues pertaining to the marriage, and the matters are presented to and ultimately determined by a judge.
  • Legal separation, which can either be a precursor or alternative to divorce. You may opt for legal separation if you are waiting to meet the state’s residency requirements, for instance. Or you might choose it as an alternative if you cannot get a divorce for religious or strategic financial reasons, including the continued reception of insurance benefits.

Assistance In A Full Spectrum Of Divorce Concerns

Our firm is prepared to assist in a full range of divorce concerns, including:

What to expect from the process: We give you the essential information on divorce and what you can expect. This includes explaining the stages of divorce, and how the considerations change when getting divorced later in life (so-called gray divorce). Finally, we’ll explain how divorce could impact your retirement plans.

Property and debt division: Separating commingled finances can be a tricky and sensitive process. We will guide you through all aspects of asset division, including the common problems you may encounter in the process. We are also skilled in representing high net worth clients in asset division, including uncovering your spouse’s hidden assets.

Considerations for business owners: Divorce takes on new complexity when it involves a closely held business. We offer experienced divorce representation for business owners to protect what you have worked so hard to build.

We’re Here When You’re Ready

To learn more or to speak with an attorney, reach out to our firm for an appointment. You can call us at (937) 684-9271 or schedule a consultation online. From the initial filing for a divorce to modifying a divorce decree, our lawyers are always prepared to help.


Essential Information On Divorce

Client Testimonials

“High energy and very knowledgeable. Mr. Hartley kept me informed and up tp to date with what was going on with my case. I highly recommend Mr. Hartley if you want to win your case.”

– DeHa Hambrick

“Mr. Hartley did a phenomenal job in helping me with my dissolution. He explained the process every step of the way and made it easy for me. I would HIGHLY recommend Hartley Law Office to anyone.”

– Reuben Jones

“Mr. Hartley did an excellent job of representing me. He listened to exactly what I wanted, and did his best to act in my best interest, and the interests of my children.”

– Samuel Hergenrather

“If you are looking for an attorney who pours his heart and soul into your divorce case, call Aaron P. Hartley.”

– Sherry Warnock

“If your looking for a shark to get you through your divorce, custody battle or what ever it may be then looking no farther because Mr.Hartley is the man for the job.”

– Isaac Combs

“Hartley law office gets 5 stars from me. They handled my case in a timely manner, and got me my refund from the initial retainer fee within a week!!!”

– Jordan Wright

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