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Domestic Violence Attorney in Dayton

Legal Assistance to Protect Domestic Abuse Survivors

If an argument or domestic dispute becomes violent, there are implications concerning the safety of family members and the situation must be taken seriously. Our team can help. Hartley Law Office has assisted numerous families in Dayton and throughout Montgomery County in their efforts to resolve matters arising from domestic abuse. We understand how stressful such situations can be. Our Dayton domestic violence lawyer offers qualified legal guidance to individuals and families as they work toward resolution.

The Legal Consequences of Domestic Abuse

No one plans to take part in a domestic dispute, and few know what happens next. Aggressors face a range of consequences, both financial and legal. In some cases, individuals must find a new place to live, while still paying rent or a mortgage for the marital home. Likewise, charges of domestic violence can have a major impact on custody arrangements and shared parenting plans.

In addition, there may be more traditional penalties. These will include court fees and, in some cases, time in jail. The state of Ohio is not lenient in such matters. As such, it is important for all parties involved to work with experienced lawyers, who can help families reach a favorable outcome.

Domestic Abuse Isn't Always Violent

The most common misconception of domestic abuse is that it must involve a physical altercation. While this is often the case, it isn't always so.

The legal system recognizes several forms of abuse, including:

  • Emotional abuse that can severely diminish a family member's sense of self-worth
  • Financial abuse that renders victims entirely reliable on the abuser
  • Psychological abuse, when the abuser instills fear through intimidation and threats
  • Stalking and cyberstalking family members
  • Neglectful behavior, which can severely inhibit child development

Some forms of abuse are obvious, while others may be much more subtle. As such, it's important to speak up at the earliest possible moment and seek qualified help.

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