Understanding Ohio’s Family Law Court System

Generally speaking, the term “family law” refers to all family matters that would be heard before an Ohio common pleas court.

There are three divisions of an Ohio common pleas court that hears family law matters: domestic relations, juvenile and probate. Sometimes family law matters are combined and one division possesses jurisdiction over multiple matters, such as a division that combines juvenile and probate matters.

Ohio Domestic Relations Court

This particular Ohio common pleas court division hears actions for divorce, dissolution, legal separation and annulment. It also oversees post-decree actions regarding the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities of minor children such as child custody and child support.

Ohio Juvenile Court

Similar to the Ohio domestic relations court, the Ohio juvenile court division also hears actions regarding the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities — but for minor children born outside of wedlock, including over paternity matters.

This division also oversees actions where children are alleged to be dependent, neglected or abused.

Ohio Probate Court

The Ohio probate court division possesses jurisdiction over marriage licensing, name changes, adoptions, guardianships and mental health commitments. It also handles estate administration for deceased residents of Ohio.

Assistance With Your Dayton Family Law Matter

If you need help resolving a family law matter, reach out to our staff at Hartley Law Office, LLC. We can explain the Ohio court divisions in more detail and the process as it relates to your individual situation.

Our founding attorney, Aaron Hartley, often assists with divorce, separation and dissolution matters as well as parenting time issues, including fathers’ and grandparents’ rights and paternity actions.

Call (937) 684-9271 or send us an email to schedule a consult with a lawyer from our office.


Client Testimonials

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– Reuben Jones

“Mr. Hartley did an excellent job of representing me. He listened to exactly what I wanted, and did his best to act in my best interest, and the interests of my children.”

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