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How can I discover if my ex hid assets?

Particularly in a divorce where tension and mistrust is running near a boiling point, it is not uncommon for a spouse to try to hide some property, like a bank account or other fund, from the other party. The financial reason someone does this is that he does not want to split the asset as part of the property division process.

Review of options for business owners going through divorce

Although previous posts on this blog have mentioned, it may be helpful to residents of the Dayton area to be reminded of the options they have with respect to their businesses when a divorce or legal separation is looming. For that matter, this overview may also be helpful to unmarried couples who have been together for a long time and have operated a business together.

Retirement plans can be major issues for older couples

One major issue that older couples who are going through a so-called gray divorce or legal separation may face involves retirement plans. Even when both spouses have had long-term careers, they may still be relying on each other's resources for retirement. Thus, a late-in-life divorce could be a fearful prospect in that, if not handled properly, the fallout could mean a senior has to choose between financial hardship and having to work late into life.

Review of family law issues with retirement plans

Many people in the Dayton area have retirement plans. Some have wealth stored in 401(k)s or other self-contribution plans, which have become more and more common in the private sector over the recent decades. However, employees in the area may also be entitled to a pension. Military members frequently receive pensions after their careers, and others in the civil service and other government jobs, as well as a handful of employees in private business, may also draw pensions.

How will offshore bank accounts be handled in a divorce?

Someone who watches movies or television regularly may have the impression that there is something inherently illegal or sneaky about an offshore bank account. The reality, however, is that an offshore bank account is perfectly legal; it is simply a bank account held in an institution outside of one's own country.

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