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Be careful when timing a divorce based on financial factors

Sometimes ending a marriage is a decision Dayton spouses make based solely on emotional considerations. Other times, however, other factors have to be weighed carefully, particularly financial ones. Some may base the timing of the actual divorce filing around financial milestones, even after they've decided in their hearts to seek a divorce. However, it is important to make sure those considerations are fully understood.

Managing cash settlements and property division

At the end of a marriage, many Dayton spouses will find themselves primarily concerned with splitting up property obtained during the marriage. There are oftentimes tangible items with sentimental value that will naturally be one focus of property division during the divorce process.

Artwork highlights issues of non-traditional property division

When married couples in Dayton go their separate ways, there will be numerous assets to divide between them. Many of these are common and are expected in a divorce, like a home and furnishings, vehicles, bank accounts and other typical assets. Property division can become more complex in a high-asset divorce, however, with nontraditional assets like artwork sometimes dwarfing the value of others.

Five ways to prepare for a divorce in the new year

New year, new you. That's the mantra for many people coming into the new year. However, those that are contemplating or are in the process of a divorce take that phrase to a whole new level. Divorce signals not only the legal end of a relationship but the turning of a page for the newly single. It can help to jumpstart a person and to get their life headed in a direction that's beneficial for them and their family.

How do Ohio courts handle property division? (Part 2)

As we noted previously here on our blog, Ohio state law requires that marital property be divided equitably when a marriage comes to an end. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that everything you own will be subject to this rule, as certain types of property will be considered non-marital.

How do Ohio courts handle property division? (Part 1)

Who gets the house after the end of a marriage? Who gets the furniture, the family heirlooms or the retirement accounts? Property division can be one of the more challenging aspects of a divorce. Here in Ohio, state laws apply specifically to the process, and any residents considering or going through a divorce will find the information valuable.

Are dogs considered property in a divorce?

While your dog may be considered a part of the family, when it comes to the law in Ohio, it technical is considered property. However, this does not mean a judge will treat it as such. Courts know dogs are living beings who must be cared for, so they are not as casual when determining ownership as they may be with a car or a piece of art.

Should I open a separate bank account during a divorce?

Going through a divorce in Ohio is often a financial strain on one or both people involved. Going from one household to two with the same amount of money can lead to issues and disagreements. You may run into a situation where your spouse takes money out of a joint account, leaving you with nothing. Before you get to such a state, you should plan ahead.

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