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Concerned about hidden assets in a high-asset divorce?

Last week's post here on our Dayton family law blog illustrated that some couples are able to remain on good terms during and after the end of a marriage, even when they have significant assets to divide between themselves. However, it is extremely important in a high-asset divorce to make sure that an amicable approach is based on honesty and trust, and that no partner is attempting to hide assets from the other.

Actor Dennis Quaid and ex-wife amicably divorce

Dayton couples with significant, high-value assets have an extra challenge to resolve in the event they find themselves at the end of their marriage. However, it is absolutely possible to avoid a costly, drawn-out fight if both spouses keep the focus on what is at stake.

What is fault divorce in Ohio law? (Part 2)

When a person in Dayton seeks to end his or her marriage, it is not very common for his or her spouse to try to refuse. After all, when one partner has decided they want out of a marriage and has taken steps towards a divorce, reconciling may be an option, but trying to fight the divorce filing itself in order to keep the marriage from ending usually makes little sense.

What is fault divorce in Ohio law? (Part 1)

Let's take a closer look at a subject raised in a recent post here on our blog. The subject is the "fault divorce" in Ohio law. While we briefly outlined the major differences between no-fault and fault divorce, some readers may be wondering more about fault divorce itself: what are the grounds for fault divorce? What if both spouses allege fault? What can you do if your spouse alleges fault in your divorce?

Turner divorce highlights Ohio law regarding fault grounds

Dayton residents have likely been following the recent headlines devoted to Ohio's tenth district congressional representative Michael Turner. Turner's hotly contested high-asset divorce was about to draw another Republican congressman into its orbit, and although the couple settled, an interesting point of Ohio family law was raised in the process.

We look out for your interests in a high asset divorce

Our recent blog post about a billionaire couple disputing the valuation of an artwork collection may have seemed somewhat outside the realm of day-to-day life, even for wealthy Dayton couples. The point that we want to emphasize is not necessarily the sheer dollar amount from that case, but rather the principle that high net worth couples will have unique financial considerations in a divorce that can lead to undesirable protracted litigation if not anticipated and taken into account.

Tips for keeping finances in line during a divorce

The list of things to try to plan for when separating from one's spouse may seem endless. Finances, in particular, will likely be a major element of any divorce and one that affects many other aspects in turn. Fortunately, there are a few key steps that Dayton residents can take to help ensure that their rights are not neglected during the process.

What to do if my spouse become uncooperative during divorce?

If you are contemplating divorce in Ohio, one thing you should give some consideration to is if your spouse becomes uncooperative. Sure, things may seem fine now. You and your partner have talked about ending your relationship but have been on the fence about it for some time. Whatever your reasons are for the delay, it is important for you to consider the possibility of them becoming uncooperative. 

How are retirement benefits divided in a divorce?

One of the concerns you may have when getting a divorce in Ohio is what will happen with your retirement accounts. Retirement accounts can often be included as property that is divided when you file for divorce. Private and government retirement accounts can be divided, but Social Security is treated differently. They are considered when making property division rulings.

Why should I consider using a forensic accountant in my divorce?

When you are getting a divorce in Ohio, it is important to have a clear understanding of your financial situation. If you have not been handling the money or if you are not aware of every account you and your spouse have, then you may need some assistance. Financial experts, called forensic accountants, can suss out financial information you may not have been aware of. According to Forbes, the use of forensic accountants is very common in high asset divorce situations.

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