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Protecting grandparent-grandchild relationships after a divorce

When parents divorce, custody of the children will be among the most important legal issues to settle. However, the professionals at Hartley Law Office, LLC, understand that parents are not the only adults who matter in a child's life. Grandparents can be vital caregivers and role models for their grandchildren, and sometimes, grandparents' rights to be part of their grandchildren's lives need to be asserted through the legal system.

Child custody and the child's wishes in Ohio family law

Sometimes a divorce does not just mean the end of a marriage -- it means a time of change for a family. Particularly when the children are of an age to express a preference regarding their living situation after the divorce, child custody matters can be sensitive both legally and emotionally.

Do you have questions about domestic abuse and child custody?

With numerous complicated and often highly charged emotional issues to resolve, a divorce is rarely a simple matter for Dayton residents to contemplate. However, one particular element can make a divorce even more difficult and, paradoxically, more urgent at the same time. We're talking about domestic abuse.

What you can do about an international child abduction

International child abductions are classified into two categories by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs. They are abductions FROM the U.S., and abductions TO the U.S. Both are covered under what is known as Hague Abduction Convention.

The importance of co-parenting effectively

When parents divorce in Ohio, it is usually the children who suffer the most. They now have two different households to live in. When parents cannot come together, it has a negative impact on the children who often feel as if they are stuck in the middle. This is not good for anyone. Parents need to work together and learn to co-parent effectively.

Lesser-known benefits of joint-custody arrangements

As an Ohio parent who has gone through a legal separation or divorce, you may not, depending on your situation, necessarily want a joint-custody arrangement with your former partner. Going from having your child in your care consistently to only seeing him or her at certain, predetermined times can prove difficult, but you may find some solace in knowing that joint-custody arrangements offer a number of benefits not only for your child, but for you, too.

Back to school custody issues

As the school gets underway in Ohio, divorced parents may find the stress increases when it comes to co-parenting effectively. The school year brings about many changes and new focuses for the kids and the parents. Getting back into the swing of things and finding a schedule that works can be challenging, especially if children are involved in many extracurricular activities.

Child custody laws in Ohio

When a couple with children separates or divorces, becoming familiar with the details of parental legal rights can be challenging. In Ohio, there are specific guidelines each parent must follow when going through child custody procedures. Various aspects, including court orders, parental responsibilities and visitation time are all part of determining child custody arrangements.

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