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How Will Trump's Tax Plan Impact Divorces?

The Republican party's recently unveiled tax plan comes with an unexpected surprise: what some are referring to as a "divorce penalty." However, calling it a penalty might not be  entirely accurate. What one spouse sees as a penalty might be a benefit to the other spouse, so a closer look at the impact of this proposed change is important.

Top 3 reasons people file for divorce

Divorce is no longer the anomaly it once was. While it might have been taboo a few decades ago, it is now a common occurrence. This increased frequency has not necessarily made it any less stressful, though, and it is still difficult to navigate the end of your marriage.

Child custody particulars regarding active military statuses

If you are one of many Ohio residents who also serve our nation's military, you may share the concerns of others regarding potential child custody problems and other issues if you are deployed. Like most parents, it's only natural that you worry about your kids from time to time; such anxiety often escalates for those serving overseas.

Keep the public and drama out of your divorce

Ending a marriage is a hard thing to go through, there is not doubt about that. But does that mean that your divorce has to be full of drama and your settlement on public display? No, it does not. There is a way for you to keep things private and not drag things out any longer than necessary.

How Facebook, emojis and comment wars can affect your divorce

Who knows what the total hours would be if everyone in Ohio added together the time they spend on Facebook. Whether you use this major social network site for business purposes or simply to keep in touch with your extended family members or old school chums, it's a controversial activity that has substantial numbers of advocates and dissenters. You may be one of many who have love/hate relationships with Facebook. Perhaps you enjoy posting photos or commenting but don' want your time online to take over your life.

Retirement pay as a marital asset in military divorce

Marriage with a member of the U.S. Armed Forces is seldom easy. You have likely endured months apart while your spouse deployed, moves to unfamiliar places and silence following especially harrowing assignments. Perhaps your spouse's methods for coping with the stress of his or her military service became a wedge between you, and your marriage is beginning to deteriorate.

Protect your visitation rights while serving in the military

Much gratitude is owed to those who serve in our nation's military. Truly, these people often make great personal sacrifices to carry out their duties. If you are currently serving in the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines, you likely understand that military service members often face everyday family problems, just like everyone else. In fact, many military members in Ohio have faced serious child custody and visitation problems during deployments and/or transfers causing much worry and anxiety on top of their regular (often stressful) military missions.

What is a gray divorce, and are you headed for one?

Do you remember the day you turned age 50? Perhaps, you went to your favorite Ohio restaurant or celebrated at home with family and friends. Nowadays, there are a lot of trendy and fun decorations for such parties, including banners that say, "50 and fabulous" and other clever phrases that make aging seem more like an adventure to anticipate, rather than something to dread.

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