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How can I discover if my ex hid assets?

Particularly in a divorce where tension and mistrust is running near a boiling point, it is not uncommon for a spouse to try to hide some property, like a bank account or other fund, from the other party. The financial reason someone does this is that he does not want to split the asset as part of the property division process.

In other words, when everything is above board, then an Ohio judge will divide most property owned by the couple, or either one of them, in a fair and equitable manner. It can be very tempting for one of the spouse to try to bypass this process by hiding property and then keeping it for himself down the road.

Prevention is really the best step a Dayton resident can take in order to protect himself from this underhanded behavior. The best prevention strategy is for the person to make sure she knows the details of the family finances, even well before divorce or separation is even a topic of discussion. That way, if an asset does disappear, that fact will not go unnoticed.

A spouse can also avoid falling victim to a person who hides assets by recognizing the common schemes she may engage in to do so. For instance, unexplained family loans or sales or gifts of assets to a related party should always be viewed with suspicion. In some cases, a person may even resort to the old-fashioned technique of hiding an asset in a safe deposit box or some other secure location. These are just some general tips on how to determine if one's ex is hiding assets.

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