Resolving divorces, legal separations and other family law matters through the mediation process has become popular among many people familiar with the mediation profession. This even includes older couples whose children are already grown up and out of the family home.

No Dayton couple should dismiss the many advantages divorce mediation without thinking about those advantages. Mediation puts the creation of an agreement in to the hands of the couple themselves, meaning that while neither gets everything they want, no one is left feeling completely short-changed by a judge’s decision either.

Moreover, mediation tends to save time and money. It also usually puts a couple on the path that will avoid further conflicts down the road, meaning they are less likely to return to court.

But, mediation does not work in every case. For example, in situations involving domestic violence or other disputes, the thought of having the couple come together and make an agreement can be both unrealistic and unsafe.

On a related note, in order for a mediation to work, both sides have to be willing to participate, while still expressing their own opinions honestly. Someone who will simply not compromise or, on the other hand, will give in to every demand will not be effective in a mediation.

Finally, there are some high asset divorces and separations where the finances of the couple are simply too complicated to sort out, even over the course of several mediation sessions. In these sorts of situations, a more traditional approach may be warranted.