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How to put a value on stock options

Many people in Dayton, Ohio, especially as they go along in their careers, may receive lucrative benefits from their employers.

For instance, some Ohioans may be offered what are called stock options. To be clear, these are not the same as actually buying company stock, either at a discount or otherwise.

Instead, and as the name implies, a stock option is the right of an employee to buy company stock at a set price and at a future date.

If the employee invests smartly and has some good luck, she will be able to make money from a stock option. For example, if her option allows her to buy 1000 shares at $10 a share, and she exercises the option when stocks are worth $20 a share, then she will instantly make $10,000.

Putting a value on a stock option can be tricky. Unlike publicly traded stocks themselves, one cannot get a value simply by looking at the sale price on a given day.

A number of factors go in to determining the value of a stock option, including when the option can be exercised and how the underlying business is performing overall.

Still, stock options can be considered marital property under Ohio law just like any other account or other asset. Therefore, during a divorce or legal separation, it may be necessary to estimate the value of the stock option. Other questions related to property division, like how to divide up the value of stock options fairly or whether they are marital property at all, may also arise with respect to stock options.

Handling stock options during a divorce or separation can be a very complicated process. Having the help of an experienced family law attorney can be very important in this respect.

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