Divorce can be a hard enough process for Dayton, Ohio, residents even when they have a modest income and a few simple assets.

Divorce can get downright frustrating, and even overwhelming, when a couple also owns a family business, even when the business is legally only in the name of one of the parties. Incidentally, issues relating to a business can come up in legal separation proceedings and even, in some cases, splits between unmarried couples as well.

People have a lot of emotional and financial capital wrapped up in their family businesses, as they are frequently the product of years of time, effort and money.

As such, since these businesses are usually going to be part of the property division process, many Ohio residents will have questions and concerns about how to protect their prized investment.

Our law office has experience representing business owners who are going through divorce or separation. We are aware of the many issues these people face.

For instance, we can help them determine the accurate value of their family business, as that will be a critical question in the process no matter what ultimately comes of the business itself.

Moreover, we can also help owners evaluate their options with respect to what to do about the business. They may, for instance, wish to buy out the other side so they can keep the business running. In other situations, it may be appropriate even to work out an arrangement where, although divorced, both parties can continue being involved in the business.

While a business owner going through a divorce or separation is admittedly going to experience some stress, we can offer the guidance and representation they need that will, hopefully, minimize the interference to their business investment.