Social media has become a daily part of many people’s lives. It is where you go to celebrate goals achieved, show off cute photos of your kids and vent about things that upset you.

However, during a divorce, what you post on social media can hurt you. In cases across the country, social media posts are being used as evidence in divorce proceedings. Here are some social media behaviors you should avoid during a divorce.

Do not post disparaging remarks about your former partner

Divorce often brings out the worst in people. Maybe your soon-to-be ex was unfaithful or is seeking full custody of your kids. Whatever the issue is, you should avoid posting nasty comments about your ex on social media. If you share children, your kids may see these comments, and it will hurt them to see you say negative things about their other parent.

Posting negative comments about your ex online could also be used as evidence against you. Your former partner may paint you as mentally unstable or even emotionally abusive. If you need to vent, talk to a close friend or family member. You may find keeping a journal helpful.

Do not post pictures that could be used against you

Now that you have split, you may be enjoying your freedom. There is nothing wrong with that. However, do not post pictures of yourself out partying or looking intoxicated. Also ensure your friends do not post any pictures like this, even if they claim their privacy settings are secure. Your ex could use these pictures to claim you have a substance abuse problem. This is particularly detrimental if you are fighting over custody of your children.

Do not visit your ex’s page

This is a good rule of thumb even if you are not married. Divorce Magazine points out you may see things like photos of your ex with his or her new significant other. You may also see comments from a friend or family member that chose to side with your ex in the divorce. All this information is only going to hurt you, and make it harder to move on. Avoid the impulse, and protect your sanity.

Do not post pictures of your new significant other

You have met the most wonderful new person, and you are head over heels. That is fantastic, but that does not mean you should post about it on social media. If your ex is looking at your social media accounts, seeing pictures of your new love interest could make him or her angry. Your former partner may decide to take this out on you by refusing to settle or asking for unreasonable demands during property division. Remember, once the divorce is finalized, you will have plenty of time to post pictures of your new love.

Venting on social media is commonplace. But during a divorce, saying nasty things about your ex or posting pictures of yourself at the bar can be used as evidence against you. Protect yourself and your children by keeping the divorce drama off your Facebook page. And do not stalk your ex’s page either. You will only feel worse.