Alimony and child support have the potential to be among the more contentious matters when a Dayton couple decides to go their separate ways after the end of a marriage. However, particularly in a high-asset divorce, there may be other options on the table that can take the place of alimony and child support – options which one spouse or the other (or perhaps even both) might find more attractive.

For a recent example, we can look at the case of Matt Lauer, the former NBC news anchor who is reportedly waiting to finalize his divorce from Dutch model Annette Roque. The two have been married for approximately 10 years and have two boys and one girl together. Earlier this year, Lauer was fired by NBC in the midst of sexual harassment allegations, with divorce negotiations moving forward following the episode.

It was recently noted that Roque wants Lauer to make a lump sum payment to her of $20 million. In return, she will not seek alimony or child support. Until the children are all 21 years old, however, Lauer will be responsible for their health care, education and other big-ticket expenses.

In the average divorce, a cash settlement that is the rough equivalent of years of child support and alimony would likely be beyond the partners’ means. But in a high-asset divorce, couples will often have the kind of cash and high-value assets that can open up other strategies. It could be a significant lump-sum payment, or perhaps an exchange of real estate, business ownership, artwork or other assets. Working with an attorney experienced in this type of divorce can help ensure that the full spectrum of divorce strategies are considered and brought to bear when appropriate.