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Divorce mediation for Dayton residents (Part 1)

Dayton residents who are separating at the end of a marriage will often follow the traditional process. A litigated divorce is what we've all seen and heard about - both sides retain attorneys and present their arguments to a judge, who eventually makes a final ruling on property division and other matters. However, a less traditional but increasingly common alternative process may offer a beneficial alternative to couples in certain situations.

The divorce rate among people 50 and older is rising sharply

If you are approaching age fifty or have already crossed that milestone, you may find this information interesting. According to the Pew Research Center, the divorce rate among couples ages fifty or older is rising. In fact, these adults are divorcing at almost double the rate since the 1990s. 

Alternatives to alimony, child support in a high-asset divorce

Alimony and child support have the potential to be among the more contentious matters when a Dayton couple decides to go their separate ways after the end of a marriage. However, particularly in a high-asset divorce, there may be other options on the table that can take the place of alimony and child support - options which one spouse or the other (or perhaps even both) might find more attractive.

Protecting grandparent-grandchild relationships after a divorce

When parents divorce, custody of the children will be among the most important legal issues to settle. However, the professionals at Hartley Law Office, LLC, understand that parents are not the only adults who matter in a child's life. Grandparents can be vital caregivers and role models for their grandchildren, and sometimes, grandparents' rights to be part of their grandchildren's lives need to be asserted through the legal system.

Property division and debt in Ohio family law

After our recent post on this Dayton family law blog concerning the $10 million in debt that Mary J. Blige allegedly incurred during her marriage, some readers may have questions about what happens to debt at the end of a marriage. Just what does our state say about debt and divorce?

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