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Singer Blige took on $10 million in debt before seeking divorce

Dayton residents will likely be familiar with the name, Mary J. Blige, the Grammy-winning singer. What they may not know is that for years, Blige claims, she and her husband, Kendu Isaacs, struggled through a bitter high-asset divorce.

How parental alienation negatively affects children

If you are currently navigating your way through a divorce, you may be working through custody matters and adjusting to spending some time without your child. Learning to live without your son or daughter at least part of the time can prove difficult, but it can be even more troublesome if the relationship between you and your former partner has become especially bitter.

What is a distributive award of marital property?

When an Ohio couple decides to divorce, one of the issues that is often up for dispute is the marital property and which party will receive what. There are certain aspects of the case to remember based on the law. One is how a distributive award works. A distributive award is any payment that is made whether it is real or personal property, is paid over time or in a lump sum, is in a fixed amount, is made via income or separate property, has not be made via marital property, and is not considered child support.

Child visitation plans for divorced service members

For divorced parents in the Dayton who serve in the military, child custody arrangements can be tricky to navigate. What, for other ex-spouses, may be a straightforward matter of a physical custody and visitation schedule can raise a number of difficult questions for couples in a military divorce. We will take a look at some of those questions this week, with the understanding that the information is intended not as specific legal advice, but also as a general background on military divorce only.

Keeping retirement in mind during a gray divorce

When couples in Ohio go through a divorce later in life -- after the age of 50 or so -- the divorce may be less complicated in some ways than it typically would be at an earlier age. The main reason is that a couple's children are likely fully-grown adults, and so there are no issues of child custody or child support to resolve. But a gray divorce is not necessarily without its own challenges.

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