With numerous complicated and often highly charged emotional issues to resolve, a divorce is rarely a simple matter for Dayton residents to contemplate. However, one particular element can make a divorce even more difficult and, paradoxically, more urgent at the same time. We’re talking about domestic abuse.

The professionals at Hartley Law Office, LLC, understand that domestic abuse affects victims on many different levels, and we are here to support you. You may not even realize that certain behaviors qualify as domestic abuse even if your spouse is not physically violent towards you or your children. For example, cutting off your financial independence and leaving you totally beholden to your spouse can be a form of domestic abuse. Threatening you, intimidating you and undermining your self-esteem are also forms of emotional and psychological abuse.

You may understand that you need to get out of a domestic abuse situation, but what if you and your spouse have children together? Leaving an abusive marriage can seem daunting to the spouse being abused. One of the most important resources you can have during this difficult time is representation from an experienced legal professional. Ohio courts tend to come down hard on spouses with a history of domestic abuse and will give serious weight to credible accusations when ruling on child custody.

Hartley Law Office, LLC, can help put the legal system to work for you as you seek to protect yourself and do what will ultimately be in the best interests of your children. We welcome your questions; we understand your concerns for your safety and we will always respect your confidentiality.