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Revisiting your prenuptial agreement

You signed a prenuptial agreement many years ago, never dreaming that its provisions may come to actually affect your life. Now, however, your marriage seems headed for divorce and you wonder how your prenup will influence property division and other important issues.

Child custody and the child's wishes in Ohio family law

Sometimes a divorce does not just mean the end of a marriage -- it means a time of change for a family. Particularly when the children are of an age to express a preference regarding their living situation after the divorce, child custody matters can be sensitive both legally and emotionally.

Do you have questions about domestic abuse and child custody?

With numerous complicated and often highly charged emotional issues to resolve, a divorce is rarely a simple matter for Dayton residents to contemplate. However, one particular element can make a divorce even more difficult and, paradoxically, more urgent at the same time. We're talking about domestic abuse.

Concerned about hidden assets in a high-asset divorce?

Last week's post here on our Dayton family law blog illustrated that some couples are able to remain on good terms during and after the end of a marriage, even when they have significant assets to divide between themselves. However, it is extremely important in a high-asset divorce to make sure that an amicable approach is based on honesty and trust, and that no partner is attempting to hide assets from the other.

Actor Dennis Quaid and ex-wife amicably divorce

Dayton couples with significant, high-value assets have an extra challenge to resolve in the event they find themselves at the end of their marriage. However, it is absolutely possible to avoid a costly, drawn-out fight if both spouses keep the focus on what is at stake.

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