Our recent blog post about a billionaire couple disputing the valuation of an artwork collection may have seemed somewhat outside the realm of day-to-day life, even for wealthy Dayton couples. The point that we want to emphasize is not necessarily the sheer dollar amount from that case, but rather the principle that high net worth couples will have unique financial considerations in a divorce that can lead to undesirable protracted litigation if not anticipated and taken into account.

Of course, any marital property of value — whether financial or purely sentimental — will have the potential to raise a dispute between separating partners. When such disputes grow bitter, some may feel inclined to harden their positions and engage in a legal fight. They’ll do this even at the expense of increased legal costs.

In the end, it may be the costs of such a fight that bring partners back to negotiation. It just so happens that the wealthier a couple is, the more they may feel like taking an aggressive approach to property division. Not to mention, the longer they may stick to this position.

While the professionals at Hartley Law Office, LLC will always stand up for our clients’ rights, we also want to help you avoid the worst-case scenario: a divorce in which the assets to finally be divided are drastically reduced as a result of protracted legal proceedings. We are experienced with the division of stocks and bonds, retirement accounts, businesses and other assets, not to mention identifying hidden assets. Our firm can help formulate and support a rational property strategy that protects your interests from both an aggressive partner as well as out-of-control legal fees.