Divorce is no longer the anomaly it once was. While it might have been taboo a few decades ago, it is now a common occurrence. This increased frequency has not necessarily made it any less stressful, though, and it is still difficult to navigate the end of your marriage.

If you are considering a divorce but still looking for alternatives, counseling and legal separation may be options to research further. In the meantime, however, learning more about the most common reasons for divorce can help you better understand your own circumstances and assist you in making the best choice.

1. Communication problems

According to the Huffington Post, there are a number of communication habits that can contribute to a divorce. Habits such as nagging, inconsistency and dishonesty cause major communicative roadblocks that disrupt your relationship and jeopardize your marriage. If this is one of the issues causing you to consider divorce, you are certainly not alone.

2. Cheating and infidelity

Most people expect that their spouse will be faithful to them in their marriage. Unfortunately, cheating and other forms of infidelity are a highly common reason for marriages to dissolve. It may take the form of an extramarital affair or emotional intimacy with somebody else, but the end result is typically the same: one or both spouses want to divorce.

3. Growing apart after time

The increased commonness of so-called gray divorce proves that time does not necessarily guarantee the stability of a marriage. People inevitably change, and while some couples grow closer over time, others grow further apart. If you and your spouse no longer share the same goals and interests, it can be difficult to sustain a marriage. In such cases, opting for an amicable divorce may be the best option for you and your spouse.