New year, new you. That’s the mantra for many people coming into the new year. However, those that are contemplating or are in the process of a divorce take that phrase to a whole new level. Divorce signals not only the legal end of a relationship but the turning of a page for the newly single. It can help to jumpstart a person and to get their life headed in a direction that’s beneficial for them and their family.

Thinking about a divorce can sometimes feel daunting. For others, divorce can be a welcomed change that is possibly long overdue. However, a person is feeling, there are some good tips to take into consideration while in the process of a divorce. The first revolves around the property division process.

While the process of a divorce is most often not completed overnight, there is a way to help shorten the process and expedite to the finish. Getting financial information and documents together can help a person consolidate that process but highlighting any points of contention will help a person prepare for the eventual property division process. Pay stubs, tax returns and financial statements are all documents that will serve you well and get you on your way to completing the property division process.

Beyond the financial aspects, those getting divorced in the new year may want to consider taking a break from social media as it can be an emotionally tough time without comparing yourself to your overachiever friend from high school. Self-care is also important during this time as you will likely be under more stress than usual. Lastly, take a look at the big picture and visualize where this divorce will take you in the next stage of your life.

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