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Artwork highlights issues of non-traditional property division

When married couples in Dayton go their separate ways, there will be numerous assets to divide between them. Many of these are common and are expected in a divorce, like a home and furnishings, vehicles, bank accounts and other typical assets. Property division can become more complex in a high-asset divorce, however, with nontraditional assets like artwork sometimes dwarfing the value of others.

Five ways to prepare for a divorce in the new year

New year, new you. That's the mantra for many people coming into the new year. However, those that are contemplating or are in the process of a divorce take that phrase to a whole new level. Divorce signals not only the legal end of a relationship but the turning of a page for the newly single. It can help to jumpstart a person and to get their life headed in a direction that's beneficial for them and their family.

How Will Trump's Tax Plan Impact Divorces?

The Republican party's recently unveiled tax plan comes with an unexpected surprise: what some are referring to as a "divorce penalty." However, calling it a penalty might not be  entirely accurate. What one spouse sees as a penalty might be a benefit to the other spouse, so a closer look at the impact of this proposed change is important.

TRICARE eligibility for spouses, children in a military divorce

Health care is a major concern for Dayton residents today, as it is for Americans across the country. Military service members and their families are fortunately able to obtain comprehensive care through the TRICARE program. In the event of a military divorce, TRICARE eligibility is something that separating spouses and their legal teams will want to take into consideration.

Does a later in life divorce mean I will have to pay alimony?

Readers of this Ohio family law blog are reminded that individual divorce cases are influenced by their own specific facts and circumstances. Because of this it is not possible to provide specific case guidance on the question posed in this post or any other legal matter through this format. As such readers who review the contents of this article are reminded that it provides information only and not legal advice.

Top 3 reasons people file for divorce

Divorce is no longer the anomaly it once was. While it might have been taboo a few decades ago, it is now a common occurrence. This increased frequency has not necessarily made it any less stressful, though, and it is still difficult to navigate the end of your marriage.

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