When parents divorce in Ohio, it is usually the children who suffer the most. They now have two different households to live in. When parents cannot come together, it has a negative impact on the children who often feel as if they are stuck in the middle. This is not good for anyone. Parents need to work together and learn to co-parent effectively.

One key to co-parenting, according to GoodTherapy.org, is to understand each parent will have to give a little. They cannot both have things their way all the time. Giving up control, especially when it comes to children, can be difficult, but it is necessary. Parents have to trust in each other and that they each have the children’s best interests at heart. In addition, it helps to set up boundaries and rules to make parenting in separate households easier and more uniform. When the kids know what to expect, it can lessen the stress on them. It is even better if the rules are the same at each house.

The Huffington Post adds that kids need to be treated fairly when parents make parenting decisions. They know more than the adults may give them credit for, so trying to sneak something by the other parent or constantly going against the other parent is not teaching them anything good. It is helping them to develop bad habits. Parents must be on the same page and work together if they want the divorce to not have a negative impact on their children.