As an Ohio parent who has gone through a legal separation or divorce, you may not, depending on your situation, necessarily want a joint-custody arrangement with your former partner. Going from having your child in your care consistently to only seeing him or her at certain, predetermined times can prove difficult, but you may find some solace in knowing that joint-custody arrangements offer a number of benefits not only for your child, but for you, too.

Per The Spruce, in addition to giving your child time with both parents and helping him or her understand that both parents will continue to provide love and care, joint-custody arrangements can also give you a chance to rebuild and reorganize your own life, post-split. For example, maybe you always wanted to go back to school, or dedicate more time to your business or career. Having joint custody with your ex frees up more time for you to pursue the things you enjoy, and the things that make you a better, more complete person on your own.

Having time without your kids can also help you appreciate the time you do have together even more, as many parents who have ever sent their child to summer camp, a week with relatives or what have you can attest. It can also free up time for you to start dating, should you choose, and it enables you to do so without having to introduce your children to any prospective new partners prematurely.

Having joint custody can also save you money, because it means that both parents are sharing the responsibility of providing for your child’s needs, whether they include food, lodging or what have you. It also gives you a chance to share disciplinary duties with your ex, rather than taking all the responsibility yourself. More about custody arrangements is available on our web page.