Ending a marriage is a hard thing to go through, there is not doubt about that. But does that mean that your divorce has to be full of drama and your settlement on public display? No, it does not. There is a way for you to keep things private and not drag things out any longer than necessary.

Ever hear of an uncontested divorce? It is not a new concept, though, many Ohio residents struggle to see how uncontested and divorce even fit in the same sentence together. Doesn’t every couple fight about property division, the kids and money? Actually, no.


People who choose to take the uncontested divorce route do so because of the benefits. What are they? First, there is the matter of privacy. Divorce cases that go to trial become public record. This does not happen in uncontested cases. Second, it is time-saving. In uncontested divorce cases, couples usually come to agreeable terms quickly and then file their paperwork. With saving time also comes the third benefit — saving money. Court and legal costs are greatly reduced by going this route.

Who is eligible for an uncontested divorce?

Any couple who is ready and willing to put in the work necessary to come to agreeable terms is eligible for an uncontested divorce. If a spouse fails to respond to an uncontested divorce filing, the court may grant the filing spouses’ request to end the marriage without the other party’s consent.

Still should be fair

An uncontested divorce is not a way for one spouse to walk away with everything while the other gets nothing or very little. These settlements still should be fair and meet the standards set forth by the state. This does require that some level of care or thought be put into the settlement terms. Failing to do so will only result in an agreement that is neither fair nor balanced for one or both parties.

Seek guidance

In order to make sure that the settlement terms of your uncontested divorce do serve your bests interests, it is possible to have all your paperwork reviewed before submitting it to court. With the assistance of legal counsel you may be able to complete this type of dissolution process swiftly and smoothly, all while feeling satisfied with the final result.