As the school gets underway in Ohio, divorced parents may find the stress increases when it comes to co-parenting effectively. The school year brings about many changes and new focuses for the kids and the parents. Getting back into the swing of things and finding a schedule that works can be challenging, especially if children are involved in many extracurricular activities.

The Huffington Post suggests this is a good time for parents to review their parenting plan. It should take into account the changing schedules and the demand for parental involvement in school activities. Kids may decide on a whim to take up a sport or join clubs. They may struggle with a certain subject and need extra help. Things like this are difficult to plan for, so a parenting plan needs to be a bit flexible. Parents should think ahead to what may be needed.

There is also a need for better communication. Parents have to be able to talk about scheduling needs. They need to be open to changes in visitation to adapt to their children’s needs. Using email or even a notebook to track communications and keep each other informed can be quite helpful.

Our Family Wizard offers some helpful tips to managing custody once school starts up. It is suggested parents get more involved. One parent should not be handling all school related issues or responsibilities. Both parents should get notices and information from the school so they can work out a plan to ensure their children have all their needs handled. Keeping both parents in the loop is essential to ensure the children get what they need. It is a bad situation when parents are not on the same page and the child suffers because of it.