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What to do if my spouse become uncooperative during divorce?

If you are contemplating divorce in Ohio, one thing you should give some consideration to is if your spouse becomes uncooperative. Sure, things may seem fine now. You and your partner have talked about ending your relationship but have been on the fence about it for some time. Whatever your reasons are for the delay, it is important for you to consider the possibility of them becoming uncooperative. 

Lesser-known benefits of joint-custody arrangements

As an Ohio parent who has gone through a legal separation or divorce, you may not, depending on your situation, necessarily want a joint-custody arrangement with your former partner. Going from having your child in your care consistently to only seeing him or her at certain, predetermined times can prove difficult, but you may find some solace in knowing that joint-custody arrangements offer a number of benefits not only for your child, but for you, too.

Back to school custody issues

As the school gets underway in Ohio, divorced parents may find the stress increases when it comes to co-parenting effectively. The school year brings about many changes and new focuses for the kids and the parents. Getting back into the swing of things and finding a schedule that works can be challenging, especially if children are involved in many extracurricular activities.

Keep the public and drama out of your divorce

Ending a marriage is a hard thing to go through, there is not doubt about that. But does that mean that your divorce has to be full of drama and your settlement on public display? No, it does not. There is a way for you to keep things private and not drag things out any longer than necessary.

How Facebook, emojis and comment wars can affect your divorce

Who knows what the total hours would be if everyone in Ohio added together the time they spend on Facebook. Whether you use this major social network site for business purposes or simply to keep in touch with your extended family members or old school chums, it's a controversial activity that has substantial numbers of advocates and dissenters. You may be one of many who have love/hate relationships with Facebook. Perhaps you enjoy posting photos or commenting but don' want your time online to take over your life.

How are retirement benefits divided in a divorce?

One of the concerns you may have when getting a divorce in Ohio is what will happen with your retirement accounts. Retirement accounts can often be included as property that is divided when you file for divorce. Private and government retirement accounts can be divided, but Social Security is treated differently. They are considered when making property division rulings.

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