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Will active military duty hurt me in a child custody case?

You want to protect and provide for your children, but when a divorce occurs in Ohio, it can be quite difficult to maintain the family unit and to provide the comfort and security your children need. When parents go their separate ways, the kids get caught in the middle. This is why custody arrangements are made. They help ensure your children get to maintain a relationship with you and their other parent. When one parent is in the military, though, this can complicate things.

Is co-parenting the right decision for your family?

When it comes to deciding child custody in Ohio, you have many options on how to handle it. Commonly, couples will decide one parent will take the responsibilities of keeping the children the majority of the time with the other parent only getting visitation rights. However, this is not the standard anymore. Courts like to see both parents take an active role in their children's lives, which means co-parenting is becoming more common.

Are dogs considered property in a divorce?

While your dog may be considered a part of the family, when it comes to the law in Ohio, it technical is considered property. However, this does not mean a judge will treat it as such. Courts know dogs are living beings who must be cared for, so they are not as casual when determining ownership as they may be with a car or a piece of art.

Retirement pay as a marital asset in military divorce

Marriage with a member of the U.S. Armed Forces is seldom easy. You have likely endured months apart while your spouse deployed, moves to unfamiliar places and silence following especially harrowing assignments. Perhaps your spouse's methods for coping with the stress of his or her military service became a wedge between you, and your marriage is beginning to deteriorate.

Child custody laws in Ohio

When a couple with children separates or divorces, becoming familiar with the details of parental legal rights can be challenging. In Ohio, there are specific guidelines each parent must follow when going through child custody procedures. Various aspects, including court orders, parental responsibilities and visitation time are all part of determining child custody arrangements.

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