As the parent of a child, any number of concerns may arise, from paying or receiving child support to taking your child to school. However, custody can be an incredibly overwhelming issue to work through, especially for parents who already have anxiety due to divorce. Hartley Law Office understands how upsetting these matters can be for parents in Dayton, and in cities across the entire state of Ohio. However, it is essential for you to remain focused.

While working through a custody dispute, you should carefully review any options that can help you increase the chances of a favorable outcome. Also, you should always keep the best interests of your child in mind during these times. After all, their well-being should remain a top priority for you at all times. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, you may be able to discuss these issues with your spouse or former spouse. However, this is not always possible and it is vital to fully devote yourself to working towards an end result that is healthy for your child.

Divorce can create a wide variety of difficulties and this is especially true for couples with children. Whether you are pursuing sole custody or want to be able to spend time with your child by obtaining visitation rights, you may be able to find some peace of mind by having a clear understanding of which steps you need to take next. On our child custody page, you can read more about shared parenting and other custody topics.