If you live in Ohio and have a child who is not in your custody, maintaining a strong relationship with that child may benefit both of you. It is not always easy to maintain solid relationships with children who do not live with or near you, and this may be particularly true if the situation between you and your child’s other parent is especially acrimonious. At Hartley Law Office LLC, we understand that you may only get the chance to visit with your child on rare occasion, and we have helped many clients navigate the complexities of visitation agreements and improve familial relationships.

To make the most out of your time when your noncustodial child comes to stay with you, you can take certain steps to encourage a smooth transition for your child into your new home, and possibly, your new family. First, if you have moved on and now have a new romantic partner, be sensitive to your child, and ask that your new partner try not to take on a “parent” role when your child comes to visit. It is completely understandable for you to expect your child to respect your new partner, but respecting him or her and accepting discipline from this person are very different.

Additionally, while it may be tough, your visits may prove smoother if you have the support of the other parent. Your child may feel hesitant to truly enjoy his or her time with you if he or she is worrying about how the other parent might feel about it.

Furthermore, if you have other kids living in your home when your noncustodial child visits, be sure to treat them the same as your visiting child with regard to rules, bedtimes, meals and so on. More information about child custody and visitation is available on our website.