When you entered into your Ohio marriage, you probably never imagined a day might come when you would wonder whether your spouse was trying to hide something important from you. Regrettably, however, such situations arise all the time in modern marriages, and spouses sometimes take unethical actions to try and position themselves better financially ahead of a divorce. At Hartley Law Office LLC, we are well-versed in the various methods husbands and wives use to hide assets, and we have helped numerous clients uncover these actions and receive their fair share during divorce proceedings.

Among the more common methods spouses use to conceal assets is to simply move funds to a separate bank account. Often, the new account is at an entirely separate financial institution, and your spouse may, too, take strides to see that any communications from the new bank go somewhere other than your shared home.

Your husband or wife may also have a close friend or family member who is “in” on the effort to conceal assets. Your spouse may rely on this person to hide or purchase certain items with an existing agreement that the confidante may sell or otherwise return said assets following the finalization of your divorce. Furthermore, if your husband or wife has a close relationship with his or her employer, your spouse may request that the employer hold off on giving a raise, bonus or what have you until the divorce is final. 

Yet another method your spouse may use to hide assets from you involves overpaying the Internal Revenue Service intentionally. In such an instance, your spouse may ask that the IRS take any refund he or she is to receive one year and instead, put it toward paying taxes the following year. Rather than getting a refund to split between the two of you, your spouse would have a nice tax payment for the following year already covered, leaving you out in the cold. More information about asset division during divorce is available on our web page.