If you have decided to dissolve your marriage in Ohio, you have likely already thought about certain things you may want to keep, including a house, car, boat or property, but there are many things that can be overlooked as couples endure the stress and fatigue of divorce proceedings. Forbes details some of the most commonly forgotten assets that can be divided.


While physical property is more often remembered, virtual claims can be missed. Do either of you own a website? If so, you need to include it in your settlement. Any copyrights, trademarks, patents, royalty rights or other forms of intellectual property should also be considered. Even if these have not brought in significant income up to this point, they may do so in the future.


Some future incoming monies are also eligible for division. If you or your spouse gave a loan to someone and plan on it being paid back in the future, you can include this in the settlement agreement. Tax refunds, stocks, retained earnings, lottery tickets and term life insurance are other examples of incoming monies you may be able to receive even after you are divorced.


Other forms of property that should be counted include memberships to golf courses, country clubs, museums or other locations. Family heirlooms and antique collections should also be considered, even if you are unsure of their monetary value. If you have already purchased or inherited a cemetery plot, you will likely need to decide who will keep it. This information is intended for education and should not be taken as legal advice.