For many in Dayton, the opportunity to become a parent may only be possible through adoption. However, adopting a child can be a complicated process. A biological parent’s right to maintain a relationship with his or her children is not easily terminated, and if the legal processes required to end it are not adhered to, he or she may feel justified in attempting to reestablish such a bond when the opportunity arises.

A South Carolina man is currently fighting to reclaim his parental rights as well as custody of his three-year old daughter. The girl’s mother agreed to terminate her rights while the man was in prison, while a judge cited his failure to attempt to maintain a relationship with the child as the reason for terminating his. This cleared the way for the couple that had been caring for the child since she was three weeks old to adopt her.

Recently, a state appellate court reversed the earlier decision to end the man’s parental rights, which effectively invalidated the adoption. In justifying their decision, they cited attempts the man made to correspond with the girl and to support her and have her placed in the custody of his mother, all while he was incarcerated, as being sufficient attempts on his part to maintain a relationship.

Just as one can see the justification that this man may feel in reuniting with his daughter, so too may one be able to understand the plight of her adoptive parents, who feel as though it is in her best interest to remain with them as opposed to a man she has never met. Both sides in such a case may certainly want to fight for their perceived rights. Such a fight may be made easier with the assistance of an attorney.

Source: CBS News “Emotional custody battle for South Carolina adoptive family” Feb. 08, 2017