Ohio parents who have gotten into a divorce may sometimes be faced with difficult co-parenting situations. For example, what does one do when they have primary custody and wish to relocate with their child?

The American Bar Association has stated that opportunity for a better life for both the child and parent is one of the biggest reasons a parent may consider relocating. This may include better schools in the area that they intend to relocate to, a better economic situation, nicer housing, or a job offer that will lead to a more comfortable style of living. Generally speaking, if the ability to improve the child’s quality of life can be proved, the courts will tend to favor a move.

Along those lines, if one parent is something of a risk, moving away may be considered a life quality improvement. For example, if there was a history of abuse, relocation requests will often follow.

It was also stated by Washburn University that relocation may be on the table due to family reasons. Newly single parents have a big financial burden to shoulder, even if they are getting supplementary child support payments. They may opt to live with other family members until they can find their footing again. Additionally, relocation after a second marriage or after the parent begins dating again may also be common.

There are many other reasons that a parent may want to relocate after a divorce, but these are the ones that are seen the most often. Likewise, they are given more consideration by courts, who will look into all relocation requests made by parents sharing joint custody.