If you are a member of the military in Ohio facing divorce, you are no doubt concerned about things like child custody and support. These two areas can differ quite a bit when compared to civilian divorces, particularly when considering the type of lifestyle many military members lead as they serve their country.

The National Military Family Association lists some of the most common concerns you will have as an active military member. For instance, issues regarding child support are a bit different than in standard divorces. While divorcing couples can go through their local child support offices when making a claim for financial support, as a member of the military there are other methods that can be put into use. All branches of the U.S. Armed Forces contain regulations that stipulate support must be provided to families if no court order is currently in place.

If support goes unpaid by the non-custodial parent, he or she may be subject to wage garnishment by the military. The Defense Finance and Accounting Service is responsible for distributing garnishment orders, which withdraw the established child support amount from the military member’s paycheck on a monthly basis. Despite popular opinion, you can receive primary custody of your children while you’re an active military member. However, these arrangements are often complicated by life in the military, especially when it comes to subsequent deployments, or being stationed in a location far away from the non-custodial parent.

Devising a common-sense custody agreement between you and your former spouse is integral in this case. Take into consideration things like the age of your kids and how you can best meet their needs while in the service of the military. Additionally, it’s recommended that you plan beyond the immediate to ensure your custody arrangement will be applicable for years to come.