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How are retirement assets divided in divorce?

Among the numerous concerns divorcing couples have in Ohio, the division of retirement assets often features greatly. It’s important to know the proper methods for splitting retirement accounts to keep costs low and to prevent any unforeseen circumstances from occurring.

How are child support and custody handled in military divorces?

If you are a member of the military in Ohio facing divorce, you are no doubt concerned about things like child custody and support. These two areas can differ quite a bit when compared to civilian divorces, particularly when considering the type of lifestyle many military members lead as they serve their country.

Will my divorce impact my business?

The end of a marriage brings significant financial changes, and if you own a small or family-run business in Ohio, you may have concerns about how divorce will affect your future interests. Determining the value and proper distribution of marital assets can be a complicated and stressful process, and you should have an experienced legal ally by your side.

Visitation and the best interests of a child

When a couple decides to divorce, all sorts of legal matters may arise, from dividing marital property to spousal support. However, issues related to child custody and visitation are often especially challenging. In Dayton, and across the state of Ohio, the decisions made by courts can have a significant impact on parents and their children as well. As a result, parents who are dealing with legal matters related to visitation should make sure that they thoroughly prepare for court and understand key elements to these cases, such as the best interests of a child.

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