Whether you are currently going through the divorce process, or you are simply considering filing for divorce, property division is often a big part of the marital negotiations process. In Ohio, all of the property amassed throughout the marriage is distributed equitably between spouses. The judge who is appointed to the case takes into consideration several factors, such as how long the couple has been married, as well as the grounds for divorce. In order separate the property in a fair manner, each spouse is required to disclose all of their possessions. In an attempt to keep control of certain assets and property, however, some spouses may be tempted to hide their money or belongings.

There are several signs that may indicate your spouse is hiding items from your divorce settlement. These include the following:

  •          Transfers funds to undisclosed bank accounts that may possibly be out of the country.
  •          Has exclusive control over account passwords and will not share them.
  •          Opens multiple bank accounts.
  •          Deletes certain programs from the computer.
  •          Begins to gamble with marital funds.
  •          Has financial control over businesses, and could overstate debts or understate business income.

Furthermore, spouses may give away large gifts of money or expensive family belongings to their family members and/or friends. Once the divorce settlement is finalized, they can easily reclaim the property as their own.

You are entitled to your share of all of the marital property, and so it is crucial that all possessions and assets are accounted for in the divorce process.