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Is your spouse hiding assets in a divorce case?

Whether you are currently going through the divorce process, or you are simply considering filing for divorce, property division is often a big part of the marital negotiations process. In Ohio, all of the property amassed throughout the marriage is distributed equitably between spouses. The judge who is appointed to the case takes into consideration several factors, such as how long the couple has been married, as well as the grounds for divorce. In order separate the property in a fair manner, each spouse is required to disclose all of their possessions. In an attempt to keep control of certain assets and property, however, some spouses may be tempted to hide their money or belongings.

Psychologist drawn into couple’s child custody dispute

Divorced or separated couples in Dayton may often still maintain a high level of animosity towards each other. These bad feelings may only be heightened when the issue of child custody comes into play. For all of the emotion (both good and bad) that people feel towards their exes, it may pale in comparison to the feelings they have for their children. When those two aspects cross during custody hearings, bitter and tense proceedings may often be the result.

U.S. Supreme Court taking up case on divorce and military pensions

Military divorces can involve a range of unique things, including unique assets. One type of asset that could end up taking center stage in such a divorce is a military pension. Lawyers skilled in military divorce issues can give veterans and spouses of veterans here in Ohio guidance on pension-related matters and other special concerns that can arise in military divorces.

Hidden assets and offshore accounts: issues in high value divorce

A recent article in the New York Times examines the case of Sarah Pursglove, whose impending divorce led to the discovery of a web of businesses, overseas accounts and unreported earnings that her husband had used to conceal his personal fortune.

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