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Ownership of multiple homes may raise Ohio divorce issues

Members of the military who work at Wright-Patterson are probably used to moving around a lot. This is, after all, a common part of military life, even when the country is not engaging all of its resources in to a conflict.

When members of the military move from place to place, they may slowly acquire real estate in multiple states, since it often pays off for them to purchase homes off base rather than rent or take up residence in on-base housing.

Why is gray divorce a common trend?

More and more older couples are calling it quits. Some have called this the “gray divorce boom” while others call these divorces “silver or diamond splitters.” Often these divorces are the result of unresolved problems, emotional and intellectual disconnections and different values. Many couples are 50 and older are not staying unhappily married.

When an older couple calls it quits, this sends shockwaves through families and social circles. Many people are trying to understand this trend and make sense out of it. A recent Forbes article explores the phenomenon of gray divorce.

How will offshore bank accounts be handled in a divorce?

Someone who watches movies or television regularly may have the impression that there is something inherently illegal or sneaky about an offshore bank account. The reality, however, is that an offshore bank account is perfectly legal; it is simply a bank account held in an institution outside of one's own country.

Many people, including many residents in and around Dayton, Ohio, hold an offshore bank account for a variety of legitimate financial reasons, as these accounts may be part of a sound investment strategy.

What is considered separate property in Ohio?

While a Dayton, Ohio, couple who is going through a divorce or separation will generally be expected to divide up their property fairly, this rule does not apply to all property.

Specifically, an Ohio resident who can raise a valid claim that a particular asset is her separate property may be allowed to keep the value of that property outright, that is, without having to share with her spouse.

Financial infidelity can be difficult for a marriage to overcome

Many Americans keep financial secrets from their spouses. While some of these secrets are benign, such as a secret birthday gift, other secrets can be hazardous to a marriage. A couple’s financial situation is one of the most common sources of marital conflict, and financial infidelity, which is growing in popularity, often contributes the cause of divorce.

What counts as financial infidelity?

More on how Ohio business owners can stay afloat after divorce

A previous post on this blog talked about how divorce or legal separation, or even the informal separation of an unmarried couple, can have a profound effect on a Dayton, Ohio, resident's business.

In fact, sometimes a breakup in one's domestic life can spill over and also ruin a person's small business opportunity or even that person's ability to continue to operate a family business that had been running smoothly for a long time, even for generations. This is one reason our law office is dedicated to helping people protect their business assets during marital property division or other related family law disputes.

Members of the military divorce at higher rates

According to a recent analysis of Census Data, members of the military have a higher rate of failed marriages than those in civilian life.

For instance, in a study of which career paths were most likely to involve a divorce along one's way, three of the top 10 spots on the list went to military jobs.

Modification of spousal support in Ohio

As this blog has previously discussed, Ohio family law courts have the discretion to order one party to a divorce or legal separation to pay spousal support, which commonly gets referred to as alimony, to the other party.

Unlike many family law matters, spousal support orders which Ohio courts made can be re-examined and changed from time to time. However, Ohio law has some quirks with respect to spousal support about which Dayton residents need to be aware.

Why would I waive my military retirement pay?

Many members of the military who work at Wright-Patterson Air Force base here in the Dayton area may one day hope to earn retirement pay via their service to the country.

This pension can be very helpful as a career servicemember transitions in to civilian life, and it is also something that many members of the Armed Services take great pride in earning.

What is the difference between a divorce and a dissolution?

If you determine that ending your marriage is the right choice for your situation, it may be valuable for you to assess your options for this process. In Ohio, you can end your marriage with either a divorce or a dissolution. Although the two processes essentially do the same thing, they represent a different approach you and your spouse can take as you go about ending your marriage.

When is divorce appropriate?

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