Prioritizing Children In Child Custody Matters

Children are the most important consideration, whether going through a divorce, after a divorce or for unwed parents addressing child custody.

When a child's parents separate, his or her life changes dramatically. Many of the changes are logistical — in most cases, children need to learn how to split time between their parents and get used to living and sleeping in new spaces. Many of the changes, however, are psychological or emotional. Research indicates that divorce or separation can bring on anxiety and depression in kids and adolescents and those parents must work hard to make their children feel supported.

The attorneys at Hartley Law Office, LLC, understand how to prioritize children's interests during divorce and child custody proceedings and minimize emotional fallout. We understand how important it is to protect children to the maximum possible extent and will work hard to achieve legal outcomes that allow this.

Sharing Parental Responsibilities

Studies have shown that it is important for children to maintain relationships, whenever possible, with both of their parents. Ohio's family court system reflects this, favoring spouses who agree to split parenting duties.

With this in mind, our firm offers qualified legal guidance for a full range of related considerations, including:

Protecting a child's best interests involves much more than coming to terms about child custody and child support. Our lawyers are uniquely prepared to provide holistic counsel to ensure that your relationship with your child can continue to thrive.

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