Fathers' Rights In Divorce

When a couple decides to divorce and they have children, one common misconception — and a common concern among many divorcing fathers — is that custody rights automatically pass to the mother. In Ohio, the law states that both parties "stand upon an equality as to the parental rights and responsibilities" regarding the care of their children.

The courts are not allowed to give preference to either parent based on gender alone. Instead, they look at factors to determine child custody.

Fathers' Rights When There Is No Legal Marriage

Unfortunately, both parties do not "stand upon an equality as to the parental rights and responsibilities" when it comes to children born out of wedlock.

A father must establish paternity before he has any legal rights regarding his children. This can be done in several ways. Click here to learn more.

Once paternity is recognized, the father can then petition the court for visitation and parenting time rights.

Assistance With Parental Rights And Responsibilities

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