Helping Parents And Grandparents Assert Their Rights

Maintaining a relationship with your children or grandchildren is an absolute priority. Indeed, research has demonstrated that children thrive when they have a network of supportive, loving adults around them. Unfortunately, Ohio's family court system can make it difficult for some relatives — in some cases, parents — to have access to the children in their lives. Many feel this is incredibly unjust, yet don't know where to turn.

At Hartley Law Office, LLC, we can assist. Our legal team has extensive experience helping parents and grandparents assert their rights to spend time with their children and grandchildren. We understand the importance of such relationships and how to work within the legal system to foster them.

Maintaining Your Most Important Relationships

In recognition of his effectiveness as a practitioner of family law, founding attorney Aaron P. Hartley has been selected for inclusion in Ohio's Super Lawyers' Rising Stars list — a distinction conferred upon only 2.5 percent of practicing attorneys, based on select criteria.

He is adept at helping individuals and couples resolve legal complexities that affect their access to their children. These include matters arising from:

  • Grandparents' rights — In Ohio, grandparents can often petition for visitation rights. We can help them determine if they meet the criteria required for success.
  • Fathers' rights — Several factors will affect a father's ability to obtain custody or visitation rights. Our firm offers legal support to fathers who want to ensure that their rights are protected.
  • PaternityPaternity is important to establish for several reasons. Perhaps most pressingly, establishing paternity is the first step for fathers toward establishing parental rights. Without taking this step, many fathers are denied access to their children.

To learn more about these issues, reach out to our firm for a consultation. You can call us at 937-684-9271 or contact us online. Individuals often have many questions about fathers' rights and grandparents' rights, and we aim to be a resource and help resolve them. Based in Dayton, we serve throughout Montgomery County.