Common Complications During Asset Division

Dividing assets involves much more than appraising the value of a couple's joint property and then dividing things equally between spouses. Many individuals fail to understand the full worth of their holdings, and both financial and emotional considerations can make the process incredibly complex.

The team at Hartley Law Office, LLC, is here to help. Founding attorney Aaron Hartley offers compassionate, pragmatic guidance to individuals in Dayton and throughout Montgomery County in all aspects of divorce and asset division. He understands how sensitive such matters can be and works hard to assert his clients' interests and protect their rights.

Common Mistakes During Asset Division

Many individuals are singularly focused on how much their assets are worth. But in several cases, they fail to understand how their financial liabilities come into play. Debts stemming from student loans, medical care, credit cards and similar concerns must be properly addressed. Likewise, tax obligations may severely affect the value of a given asset — such as one's house — in ways that spouses don't consider.

Similarly, it is often the case that couples don't consider how retirement assets will be divided. While there are safeguards in place to ensure that pensions and other accounts are appropriately split, it is important to understand how one's retirement may be affected by divorce. Indeed, this will affect one's financial independence in the long term.

In other situations, individuals actively try to disrupt asset division. That is, they enter proceedings with the intention of depriving their spouse of his or her fair share. To do so, they may sign the deeds for houses or cars over to other family members, transfer money into individually held accounts or engage in other tactics to hide assets.

How We Help

Whenever necessary, our firm works closely with a network of financial analysts, forensic accountants and other professionals to develop a full picture of an estate's assets and liabilities. Our priority is to ensure fairness and see that our clients' interests remain protected.

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