Divorce & Business Interests

Depending on the circumstances, a divorce proceeding can be complicated. Dividing multiple assets, together with determining parental rights and responsibilities, is often extremely stressful. A divorce becomes even more complex when a family business is involved.

Understanding Your Concerns

At Hartley Law Office, LLC, we have helped many individuals with divorce matters, including business owners. Many questions often arise for self-employed individuals getting divorced such as:

  • Will I have to dissolve my business?
  • How does asset division apply when a business is involved?
  • What if I started my business prior to my marriage?
  • How will I make support payments if my business has yet to profit?

At Hartley Law Office, LLC, we can help answer these common questions and other pressing matters you may have regarding the unique aspects of your business and situation. Our leading attorney, Aaron Hartley, has assisted many people throughout Dayton, Ohio, and all throughout Montgomery County with these and other types of family law matters.

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We also assist with divorces involving active military personnel.

"Aaron was professional and made things very easy through my divorce process. He knows exactly what he is doing; all of the paperwork was handled properly and quickly. I would return to Aaron for future concerns." — Matthew