Divorce: Rash Decisions Have Long-Term Impact

A divorce will affect every aspect of one's life. One's closest relationships undergo dramatic change. One's financial security may be jeopardized. The future — once so carefully planned for — becomes much less certain.

It is also a time when acting rashly can have devastating consequences. A decision made in the heat of the moment can last for a lifetime. A wrong step can prevent parents from spending meaningful time with their children or make it difficult to remain financially independent.

This is why attorney Aaron Hartley at Hartley Law Office, LLC, has dedicated his practice to providing qualified, experienced legal guidance to individuals entering divorce. Based in Dayton and serving throughout Montgomery County, we have a thorough understanding of Ohio's divorce laws. And we know how to assert our clients' interests and protect their rights.

Assistance In A Full Spectrum Of Divorce Concerns

Our firm is prepared to assist in a full range of divorce concerns. We are skilled, for example, at helping our clients protect their children's interests, providing steady direction throughout all matters involving child custody, child support, parenting time and relocation. We are also uniquely prepared to assist military personnel and their spouses through such processes, which can be especially thorny for service members.

In addition, we staunchly assert our clients' financial priorities. We help them understand the complications that most often arise during asset division and provide guidance if a spouse is suspected of hiding assets. We offer representation to individuals with complex considerations, including business owners and couples of high net worth, helping them retain the assets most valuable to them.

Likewise, as divorce has become increasingly common among baby boomers, we have made it a priority to educate our clients about how one's retirement might be affected.

We're Here When You're Ready

To learn more or to speak with an attorney, reach out to our firm for an appointment. You can call us at 937-684-9271 or schedule a consultation online. From the initial filing for a divorce to modifying a divorce decree, our lawyers are always prepared to help.