FAQ About Family Law

As a service to prospective clients, current clients and the communities of Centerville, Dayton, Kettering, Moraine and Oakwood, Hartley Law Office, LLC, a Dayton family law firm, and Dayton family law attorney Aaron Hartley are pleased to provide general information on the following topics related to family law in Dayton.

Q: My ex-husband is telling people serious lies about me. What can I do? My ex-husband is telling everyone these lies specifically, he has no documentation because he is bitter from our divorce still in 2006, we have joint legal and joint physical custody of our children, and it was ended on in supportability. All because I said "we need to communicate better because I know we had issues with that while we were married" Can I get a restraining order against him and our children or? Because I feel he is very angry and feeling violent toward me now and I fear my safety and my children's safety. I know, right? Lol I used to get so frustrated when you'd hold a knife up to my neck and threaten to kill me, and I'd be all, "oh stop," but you'd ignore me. Or how when you had me and the kids in the car when you were driving and you'd floor the accelerator and threaten to kill us all, very seriously, just because we were fighting. Or when you threw the cast-iron at me at your dad's house? 1:22 AM Or when you shoved me while I was holding Daphne? Right in front of your dad? Asked over 2 years ago in Family A:

Aaron's answer: RC 3113.31 is the mechanism by which you could file for a civil protection order on the basis of domestic violence. I urge you to: (1) call 911 if you feel there is an imminent threat and (2) contact an experienced attorney, particularly if you feel that your ex has placed you, by the threat of force, in fear of imminent serious physical harm. Answered over 2 years ago.

Q: Do you, must you apply for child support if you have a separation agreement drawn by a lawyer? We have been separated for seven years. This was not an angry separation because we have four children. We do not want to lose the house because it is safer for the children and I to stay and he live elsewhere. He also supports the children when needed. Child support will destroy this arrangement and turn for the worst. I am disabled and I do not trust others to care for me or my children. The father had to become more active until I became healthy enough to provide for my children more than 50% of their needs. I am well enough now. But I do not want to apply for child support. I am afraid they will take away all of my benefits. Asked over 2 years ago in Child Support A:

Aaron's answer: As Mr. Beck stated, if public benefits are being received, e.g., CareSource, the state of Ohio has an interest in being reimbursed for such. However, even then, it is not impossible to deviate downward from the guideline amount of child support. Contact an attorney. Answered over 2 years ago.

Q: What are the divorce laws in Ohio for a couple who have been married for 12 years? What are they entitled to? Property and assets previous to the marriage. Asked over 2 years ago in Divorce A:

Aaron's answer: I agree; the question is exceedingly broad. See Chapter 3105 of the Revised Code. I suggest that you speak to a local attorney.