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Tips for successful visits with noncustodial children

If you live in Ohio and have a child who is not in your custody, maintaining a strong relationship with that child may benefit both of you. It is not always easy to maintain solid relationships with children who do not live with or near you, and this may be particularly true if the situation between you and your child’s other parent is especially acrimonious. At Hartley Law Office LLC, we understand that you may only get the chance to visit with your child on rare occasion, and we have helped many clients navigate the complexities of visitation agreements and improve familial relationships.

Is joint custody best for children?

Children are often silent victims of divorce. The stress and anxiety of having a family separate and move to different homes can be extremely hard for a child of any age to deal with. Parents often get wrapped up in the legalities of the divorce process, and may overlook the needs of their children. In some cases, parents may become so emotional that they fail to see the damage that they are doing to their children by keeping them away from the either parent. As part of the settlement, the couple or judge presiding over the case must determine whether sole or joint custody is best for the children involved. A study shows, however, that in many cases, joint custody is the most beneficial to children of divorce.

2 methods for seeking custody modifications

Though the child custody terms that you and your ex-spouse reached at the time of your divorce may have fit the circumstances of that moment, you may come to realize that those terms do not fit your current situation. As a result, you may want to seek modifications to the child custody agreement. However, simply stating that you desire a change will likely not act as enough reason to move forward with modifications.

Can a custody dispute interfere with my child's passport?

As a parent, you may have a wide variety of unanswered questions and concerns regarding your child. If you have gone through a divorce or are thinking about filing for one, child custody can be particularly contentious. As a result, you should be prepared for all of the potential problems that may arise during a dispute over child custody. In Dayton, Ohio, and across the country, these disputes can make life hard for parents and their children in many ways. Aside from emotional pain and courtroom stress, they may interfere with a child's passport application as well.

Biological father and adoptive parents fight over girl’s custody

For many in Dayton, the opportunity to become a parent may only be possible through adoption. However, adopting a child can be a complicated process. A biological parent’s right to maintain a relationship with his or her children is not easily terminated, and if the legal processes required to end it are not adhered to, he or she may feel justified in attempting to reestablish such a bond when the opportunity arises.

Psychologist drawn into couple’s child custody dispute

Divorced or separated couples in Dayton may often still maintain a high level of animosity towards each other. These bad feelings may only be heightened when the issue of child custody comes into play. For all of the emotion (both good and bad) that people feel towards their exes, it may pale in comparison to the feelings they have for their children. When those two aspects cross during custody hearings, bitter and tense proceedings may often be the result.

The best interests of the child

When you and your spouse initially decided to sever your matrimonial bond, you may not have realized how closely you'd have to work together to ensure that the divorce process move as quickly and efficiently as possible. During this laborious process, it may seem that myriad issues have to be resolved immediately, which can interject stress into even the most amicable of divorces. In separating assets, determining ownership of property and adjusting budgets to reflect a new status, those divorcing may struggle as they balance their concerns about championing their cause and making compromises in order to keep the divorce proceedings moving smoothly.

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