Assisting Dayton, Ohio, With Parenting Time Modifications

A final divorce decree has finally been granted and everyone breathes a sigh of relief. But, for many divorcing couples (particularly ones with children of the marriage), there will likely be a need for a post-decree modification in the near or distant future. This is because kids grow up and change, and so do their needs.

A Significant Change In Circumstances

With many modifications, a request to modify an existing visitation court order is not automatic unless both parties agree. Under the law, a modification would require a "significant change in circumstances."

Possible Examples

First and foremost, to modify custody, it must be in the best interests of the children involved before a court will grant the request. Certain instances likely to satisfy the requirement, however, also may include, but are not limited to: an out-of-state relocation by one parent, child endangerment or exposure to violence, or declining health of the custodial parent.

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If you need help modifying an existing parenting time order, our staff at Hartley Law Office, LLC, has the experience to assist.

Our leading attorney, Aaron Hartley, has handled many family law custody modifications for Dayton, Ohio. He knows the law. He is also efficient and will never prolong a case simply to increase his fees. As a divorced parent, he understands the need for efficiency in such instances so all parties can move on.

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